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Monday, December 30, 2013

Random thoughts

Obama loves communism.  Well, all liberals do, they love it, slobber over it, praise it, get Pulitzers writing about it.  Putin thinks that Obama is an idiot.  Does anyone else think that is funny?

In a new level of low, Obama's BFF, Beyonce, used some audio from the 1986 space shuttle disaster in one of her songs.  The offended and grieved families have asked her for an apology.  Her response says, in part, "My heart goes out to the families..."  At no point, not once, does she say, "I am sorry."  It must be great being the 1%.

We turned off the wii u for, like, 5 seconds.  My daughter was reading a book about the pilgrims.  Ah, parental success!  That is two for those of you keeping score.  She told me that the pilgrims were praying.  I said, "Radicals! Extremists! Terrorists!"  She didn't laugh.

So, the NY Times has written an article saying that Al Qaeda isn't responsible for the murderous terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.  Whew!  Glad they cleared that up.  Of course, people on the ground know it is all a lie and are saying so.  I saw a clip of a press conference.  Can you even believe the snarky way in which Obama's spokespeople belittle the murder of those Americans by terrorists?  It matters to people.

People are people.  There are good democrats and there are bad republicans.  I know that.  But, the party that tends to not believe in God, tends to tear down marriage, tends to not value life, tends to believe that government has all of the answers, tends to NOT believe in personal freedom, low taxes, limited government and freedom.

It really is that simple.

Which one do you want?