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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I can't stress this enough - liberals are in love with ideas.  They love the abstract.  They love to imagine the world to be totally different than it is.  But, the concrete world?  Reality?  Liberals don't do so well with that.

I also can't stress enough how badly I wish that the liberals who have risen from Woodstock hippies to the most powerful people in the country, would go back to being Woodstock hippies.  Seriously, they can go back to their cush jobs at Ivy League schools, engage in recreational drug use, and dream up grand new ideas.

The rest of us could get back to work.

In 4th grade history today, we learned about Karl Marx.  Of course, you know that Karl Marx was a London philosopher who wanted social change.  My daughter pointed out (wisely) that Marx didn't work.  His friends gave him money to live so that he could study philosophy and socialism.


I know that the industrial revolution was not a rosy, huggy-feely time in history.  Some changes did need to be made, specifically about the maiming.  But, as with all liberal philosophies, they sound really good and don't work very well in real life.

In the end of the lesson, it was pointed out that communism or Marxism has failed everywhere that it has been tried.  But, why?  Why doesn't communism work?  Why doesn't Marxism work?  Because Marxism is based upon a premise that is completely false.

Marx' basis for his belief system that all income should be divided up equally and distributed equally to everyone is based on the untrue premise that:


That just isn't true.  Some business owners are bad, sure. Some workers are, too.  There is the second premise for Marx' philosophies that is inherently false - all of the workers are good and they will work exactly as hard with or without incentive.  It just isn't true.

There was a really interesting story going around Thanksgiving weekend.  It was about the "tragedy of the commons."  I had never heard of that, but, remember, I got schooled in Econ this weekend.  The story was saying that the Pilgrims almost starved because of communism.

In the new world, the land belonged to everyone.  Everyone worked and everyone shared the harvest.  It didn't take long for a Pilgrim to figure out that if he stayed in the dirt-floor cabin, propped those buckle-y shoes on a milk urn and watched the sheep stroll by on the big screen picture window, he would get the same amount of food.

So, people stopped showing up at work!  Yeah!

Then, they divided up the land.  When the land was privately owned and you ate what you grew, guess what happened?  They worked their buckle-y shoes off to grow food.

Marxism doesn't take into consideration human nature.  If someone can work hard, earn more and get, maybe, a second pair of shoes with a cool buckle, he will do it.  If, however, when people work hard, and know that what they are making will be taken from the and given to someone else, they don't work as hard.  See?  The workers aren't inherently good.

Also, while Marx was eating his free kidney pie, he didn't realize that business owners (even crabby ones) assume a lot of risk.  They invest their own money in their business and if the business fails, they stand to lose a lot.  The worker can go find another job.

So, back to those liberal ideas.  They love them, but they don't work.  Americans are good-hearted people who want to help others.  Obamacare passed because of that fact.  Americans are waking up and seeing that the big-government, liberal idea of socialized healthcare isn't going to work.

But, liberals actually still don't get it.  They think that it is still going to be ok, even though:
-you can't make payments for your health insurance coverage on the Obamacare website.  Did not one liberal philosopher think of that?  Do they just not care that people can't actually pay for a plan and subsequently get a plan?
-the information that people are putting in ISN'T GOING TO INSURANCE COMPANIES.  That part of the system, hasn't actually been built.
Oops!  Sorry!

They are so in love with the idea, they couldn't be bothered with the icky details of actually carrying out the idea.  Those details are so BORING!  If it weren't so horrible and it weren't destroying our economy so terribly, it would actually be funny.

We have all of these dreamers walking around the White House, living on the goodness of others (hey! Like Marx!), and not one of them thought to be sure the website works?  No one thought that it should be able to take payments?  Not one person thought that the website should link to, oh, I don't know, ACTUAL INSURERS.

And, I am not even reviewing the sickening fact that over 6 million people have lost their insurance because of Obamacare and am I believable 100,000 have signed up for Obamacare.

So, I want to make an open invitation.  Liberals, go back to your jobs at universities.  I am sure the jobs are still available or they will make a position for you.  Smoke stuff, make fun of Rupublicans, capitalism, Christians, people who work hard.  It's ok, we will keep paying your salaries.  But, let us get back to doing what we do best: WORK.

"Free enterprise has done more to reduce poverty than all the government programs dreamed up by Democrats."  Ronald Reagan