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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Why are liberals obsessed with closing Gitmo?  Seriously, why?

People who have been "detained" in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have been detained for a reason.  They have been suspected of trying to do icky things to people.  Specifically, American people.  More specifically, they seem to favor blowing people up and maiming them with pointy things.

I read once that Gitmo "detainees" love it there.  They get three square meals a day and they get perks, like, shoes.  I seriously read that people in Gitmo were pretty happy with their accommodations.  Apparently, back home in the desert, there aren't a lot of eggs or cows.

It is fun and cool to be on the Mediterranean diet by choice.  But, when you live in the Middle East and only figs and olives are available, it probably gets kinda old.

Meanwhile Gitmo detainees get eggs every morning and American style, fatty deliciousness the rest of the day.  They also get shoes.

So, since liberals are completely obsessed with sending these people home, they will be heading home to continue plotting ways to blow people up and stab them with sharp objects.

Why do liberals want to release these people?