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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I haven't forgotten about you

Seriously, I promise.  I am just not sure what to say.

We are living in a world where lies are not called lies.  They are called "misunderstandings" or "miscommunications."

Every possible part of our system of government is being "fundamentally changed" by the Obama administration.

We are calling lower taxes "greed" and higher taxes "paying our fair share."

We are embracing the morally corrupt idea of income redistribution and calling it morally superior.

We have members of congress who don't know that Libya is in the Middle East.

And, the craziest thing of all, nationally syndicated columnists are writing things that sound eerily like my blogs.  There was a headline on Yahoo today that said something like, "Now we know what happened to dope smoking hippies" and the subtitle was that democrats think the launch of Obamacare has been fine.  Haven't I written that, like, 15 times?

I was reading a column by Wayne Allen Root today and it sounded so much like my last 20 or so blogs, it was weird.

Well, it wasn't weird, it was all true.  Every lie, every scheme, every scandal is out there, in the open. There is no hiding it now.  Liberals still defend every single lie, scheme and scandal.  That is totally weird because if this were a Republican... See?  I have written that, like a hundred times.

Now, I am kinda waiting to see what will happen.  We know Obama will go on an extravagant Hawaiian vacation, but, I mean what will happen to the rest of us.

Can he please take the dog this time so that we don't have to pay for Air Force 2 to fly all the way back and get the dog?

Anyhoo, the action is going to pick up, big-time near year-end.  I guess that is when we will see what happens to the 6 million Americans who lost their health insurance, some who need life saving treatments.  I hope that somebody wakes up in the White House and we fix this complete disaster before it is too late.

So, keep dreaming of sugar plums, get your shopping done and hold on tight to that smart phone. 

I'll be back with plenty to rant about, very soon.