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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demand more Carrie Underwood this Christmas

Now, right now.  Turn on your TV and increase the ratings for Carrie right now.

Our country has changed so much in 50 years, that a live broadcast of "The Sound of Music" is nothing short of revolutionary.

And, heading it all up is country music superstar Carrie Underwood.  With nerves, pipes and cajones of steel, Carrie has put her Christianity on display for everyone to see.  I wanted to post before the vultures rip her apart all night tonight and in the morning.

Who can be a superstar, belt any note and still look positively innocent all at the same time?  For that matter, who could carry the star power to headline a live broadcast while still looking totally sincere while kneeling down to pray?

Who could possibly command an audience to watcher her kneel down and pray?

The Walmart shopping, country loving, Christian patriots who love Carrie Underwood.

Remember the story behind "The Sound of Music?"  A wealthy and unavailable father comes to his senses.  He learns to put aside his grief and love his children due to the tutelage of the governess, Maria.

Her unyielding devotion to: her faith, the children and the family she serves changes not only her life, but eventually the lives of the entire family.

Turn her on now.  She isn't doing this for money or ratings.  She doesn't need either.  But, we can demand more Christmas, and Carrie Underwood, this Christmas.