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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demand more Christmas, part 2

I met my mom for lunch today.  That is the really cool thing about home-schooling.  We finished school, scrubbed behind our ears and dashed off to the mall for lunch and a latte.

My daughters and I were walking toward the restaurant and I could see part of a sandwich sign out front.  I could see:  Merry and I got so excited!  Know what is said?  Merry Festivus.

Know what makes me so upset about that?  It took someone a REALLY long time to think of that.  Seriously, wouldn't it just be easier to say Merry Christmas?  It would have to be cheaper than hiring a group of anti-offensive experts to make up goofy ways to AVOID saying the obvious.

Well, lunch was yummy and kinda got my coaxed off the ledge for a few minutes.  Then, we went to Bath and Body Works.  I like to get Christmas-y hand soap and put it all over the house.  It makes me feel Christmas-y, ok?

Maybe I should just stay at home.  There is a Christmas tree, I send out Christmas cards, I even eat Christmas cookies.  We are allowed to say Christmas in the house.

Anyway, so, there I was, in Bath and Body Works.  I am not kidding you, the names of the fragrances were:
Merry Cookie,
Merry Marshmallow,
Vanilla Bean Noel,
Twisted Peppermint,
Frosted Plum Berry,
And Candy Cane Bliss.

I am going to smell fantastic.  And, seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up!  How long did it take to think up all of those ridiculous ways to say any other word, no matter how silly, as long as the word wasn't "Christmas."

Come on, the scents for "this time of year" should be: Christmas, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Vanilla, Christmas Peppermint, Christmas Candy Cane.  See how clever those sound?

So, I went to the clerk and kindly, politely suggested that they use the word "Christmas" in future scent creations.

Here is why I mention this whole sordid tale, her response.  She said, "You are so right!  I will tell my manager.  I am a Christian, I think we should say Christmas."

Haaaahhhhh (contented sigh.)

Demand more Christmas this Christmas.  You may find people who feel the exact same way that you do.  You may find others who are happy to pass the message of "more Christmas" up the corporate ladder.

If enough of us do it, something may happen.

So, Christmas soldier, let me arm you with some facts.

92% of Americans say they believe in God,
75% of Americans say that they are Christians.

Why would we not say the name of a holiday that at least 75% of the country celebrates?  Many more than that celebrate Christmas but AT LEAST 75% of Americans celebrate Christmas.

Be proud!  Demand more Christmas this Christmas!