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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty

I have never watched the show.  I am not a duck hunter.  Duck is a little bit greasy, in my opinion.

And, I am not going to get totally into what Phil Robertson said.  Basically, he quoted scripture.  Then, he said that sleeping around is wrong - he mentioned that he thinks homosexuality is wrong, sleeping with lots of people is wrong.  That is what he said.

There has been outrage by the "gay community."  Phil was immediately fired from his own show.  Phil is a Christian.  He apologized and said that he treats everyone with respect, even if they are different from him.

You know what my first thought was?

Cheaters.  What about cheaters?  Why aren't the associated cheaters of America outraged that Phil said sleeping around is wrong?  Why wasn't there outrage from cheaters anonymous for Phil saying that sleeping with woman after woman is wrong?  Isn't that offensive and "hurtful" to their lifestyle?

Cheaters have a right to cheat!  They have a right to live like they want.  And, if someone says that cheating is wrong, it is "hate speech."

Why can't Phil have his own opinion?  Why can't Phil voice his opinion without getting fired from his own show?  Why do we have to silence any objection to the liberal agenda?

We are entering dangerous territory here.  If we are going to totally silence half of the country. It could someday swing the other way.  Liberals might want to bear that in mind.