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Monday, December 9, 2013

Minimum wage increases

Wow, you go to work for a few days and BAM! all hell breaks loose.

As we entered the weekend, low level workers were threatening to strike if they didn't get wage increases.  These workers (God love 'em, I was one back in the day) make minimum wage.  They work at the least expensive restaurants in the country.  The pay is low because the positions are entry level.  If the person works hard and does well, he or she will quickly advance out of the lowest paying positions and will, typically, get a pay increase in 6 months.  The pay increases will continue as long as the person does a good job.

These positions were never intended to be jobs that support a family of 4.  These jobs are to teach people how to work, and boy do they ever.  You keep the memories and the intoxicating scent of the deep fryer with you forever.  You can just drop anything you want it there, by the way.

So, to demand a wage increase from $7.25 and hour to $15 an hour will not just automatically increase the pay for all of those people.  Most of them will lose their jobs.  The cost of the cheap and tasty food will go through the roof.  The fast food restaurants will go out of business.

Businesses will stay in business anyway that they can.  If the cost of something prohibits them from staying in business, they will cut that expense.  In this instance the overpriced item is low-level, low skilled workers who make minimum wage.

The entire reason that this argument even exists is the left's inability (or refusal) to understand simple economics.

The liberal idea - pay everyone a living wage!  Republicans are evil because they don't want to pay you!  Boo!  Hiss!

The Republican idea - get in here, work hard and clean this floor.  If you do that well enough and work hard, you could own this place someday.

Now, most people just can't swallow the cleaning part so they look elsewhere to get their pay increase.  Of course, the liberal way doesn't work.  Please look at the model - Detroit and every other major city in the US that has been run by only liberals for 50 years, they are going broke.

It just doesn't work.

And, this is the land of opportunity.  Go to school, get an education, work hard and you will earn $15 an hour.

But, unfortunately, for liberals, then you will be a Republican.