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Monday, December 9, 2013


Nope, not Jesus.  The other one - Ezekiel.  But, this guy isn't going to save us from anything.

Do we know, by the way, why he is no longer with the Obama administration?

Anyhoo, while avoiding church and appearing on the Sunday shows, Dr. Emanuel gave an interesting perspective on why Obamacare isn't working.

Is it the outrageous premiums? No.

Is it the high deductibles that make it impossible to even use the insurance once you have purchased it? No.

Is it the fact that the website couldn't possibly enroll anyone because it doesn't work, it doesn't take payments and it isn't connected to insurance companies?  No, no, and no.

According to the good doctor, Obamacare's failure is because there hasn't been a big public relations campaign!  If we could just publicize this thing a little bit, people would really start to go for it!

Is this guy serious?

The past 6 years have been like a non-stop, in your face, 24/7 Obamacare infomercial.  There couldn't possibly be more PR for this thing than there has been.

Maybe he doesn't watch TV.

Seriously, when are liberals going to get it through their thick heads that no healthy, young man is going to spend $200 a month that he doesn't have to buy health insurance that he doesn't need?

Of course, the failure of Obamacare is really all the Republicans' fault.  Seriously, if they had just gotten behind this thing, with, like, a big PR campaign, maybe the website would work.

(People actually say stuff like that.)

Another thing that Obama has been saying a lot is - if you can come up with a better plan, call me, I haven't heard a single plan from anyone else.  That just isn't true.  The Republicans have suggested several plans.

One has been proposed by Georgia Congressman, Tom Price.  Price's plan would cut government costs by $2.34 trillion.  The plan gives tax deductions for having health insurance.  There is an idea, instead of punishing people for not having something, let's give them an incentive to have it.

That one little point would solve the liberals dilemma about people who don't have health insurance using emergency rooms.  Liberals say that people who don't have health insurance use emergency room care and cost taxpayer millions, that is why Obamacare is good.  I wonder how many years of emergency room care we could have paid for with the $600 million we spent on that crappy website.

And, after this whole Obamacare nightmare, we know that those people who just go to the emergency room for care and don't pay for it, oh, they aren't interested in buying insurance.  They liked their old plan.

Any plan that removes the albatross of government interference from the insurance industry would save trillions of taxpayer dollars.  But, an important point in all Rebuplican plans is to allow insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines.  Allowing the free market to operate that way will reduce costs.  It will reduce premiums.

Even Geraldo has a plan - expand Medicaid.  Hey, isn't that kind like what we are doing?  Only, instead of just expanding Medicaid, we expanded Medicaid while incurring 3 billion dollars in extra government costs.

So, Obama, stop all of the PR campaigns, pick up the phone.  Lots of people have better plans than this Obamacare turkey.

Call me!