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Sunday, December 15, 2013

An American, Bob Levinson, has been missing in Iran since 2007.  Democrats have asked the associated press to hush up the story for years to protect Levinson.

Now, I don't disagree that he is in danger and the AP should be careful.  I totally get that.  Here is what I don't understand - if a Republican White House or a Republican congress person or senator asked the AP to hush up a story - there would be outrage.

There would be non-stop, 24/7 coverage of the evil people who want to squash the 1st amendment.

Do you see what I am saying?

When we were going into Iraq in 2003, the media demanded to know our military ops.  Bush spokespeople were like, "Uh, we can't give that information, it would compromise our military."  The press went off the rails, screaming and shouting that the Bush administration was keeping secrets.

Does anyone remember this?

Now, in a twist of events that is completely unbelievable, we have the most secretive, untruthful administration in the history of the world and the media is barely noticing.

I say barely because Politifact just gave Obama the "Lie of the Year" award.  Of course, we all know what that lie was - the Obamacare lie that if you liked your doctor and your plan, you could keep it.

We also know now why he perpetuated that lie for years, he WANTED to get people off their health insurance, dump them into the federal plan and have socialized health care.  The ultimate goal is redistribution of wealth.

As noble as redistribution sounds, like every single liberal idea, it doesn't work.  Just like Marx, the liberal ideas are all based on something that is entirely false.

Scarcity - liberals believe that there is one big pot of resources.  If someone takes one dollar out of the pot, someone else loses a dollar.  That just isn't true.  If humans are able, they will make more.  This has been proven by our society for over 200 years.

They want us to stop using so much energy, they can't conceive that we could go out and find more.

They want us to stop capitalism, someone making stuff is greedy.  But, taking money from people and giving it to other people, somehow isn't greedy.

They want abortion because we don't need to have all those people around.

It's like they run around saying, "Stop!  Everybody stop!  There isn't enough!"  But, there is enough and we will make more.

Through the advancement of technology, we will find new ways to make energy.

Through the miracle of the free market, we will make more stuff and more money.

All of those "unwanted" children can become hard-working, productive members of society so that we can have more innovation and achievement.

Why can't liberals see that?

Why can't anyone at the AP see that?