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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas stamp - follow up

I go to the post office a lot for work.  And, every time, there is that huge banner with the Kwanzaa stamp, the Hanukkah stamp and the stamp with a gingerbread house.

So, I pointed it out to another postal employee today.  You know, there is a Kwanzaa stamp, a Hanukkah stamp and no Christmas stamp.

She told me to follow her to the back.

As I was following her, another customer walked past me and said, "You tell her!"  I am not sure if he was joking.  Then, I started thinking that maybe she is leading me back to the room where they put people who complain.  Like, maybe we were going to the dead letter office and it is also the dead Christian office.  Sheesh, they wouldn't find me for years and all of that correspondence would muffle my screams.

Anyway, the point is, she took me "in the back" where she discreetly and privately showed me the:

CHRISTMAS STAMP!  It exists.  It had a picture that in some way alluded to the birth of Jesus and it said, "Christmas" on it.

So, I said, "Wow, great, thanks.  Can you put that one on the big poster out front?"

She didn't answer.


The Christmas stamp exists, Christmas warriors.  Go to the counter and boldly ask for your Christmas stamps.  Of course, it is too late for this Cnristmas.  But, my letters are going to have Christmas stamps on them all year long!