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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Key West to Cuba - now boarding

I am just a dumb redneck from the middle of nowhere.  But, why would we resume commercial flights from Key West to Cuba?

Why?  What good could possibly come from that?  Obama has allowed this to happen, btw.

There are just some things that I don't understand.

Like, "we can learn so much from eastern religions."

Really?  What can we learn?  Like, how to make women chattel instead of people?

I also don't understand claiming that something is a religion of peace, when it clearly isn't.

Yup, a religion where terrorists with high-powered rifles walk into malls, quiz people on their religion and shoot the people who get the answers wrong, all while screaming, "Allah Akbar!"  That sure sounds like a religion of peace to me.

So, now we are going to have a "cultural exchange" with Cuba.  Cuba has been run by communist dictators since 1959.  Why would we want a cultural exchange with them?

Of course!  To enrich our culture.  We are too imperialist and oppressive.  We need to learn more from communist Cuba.

My ass.

Let's hear from the super hot hunk, William Levy, on what it was like growing up in Cuba.  (Remember?  I watch Dancing with the Stars.)

"The actor tells ABC’s Nightline that as a child growing up in Cuba he was always hungry. Cuba rations out food to families so tight that there was only enough for bread in the morning and food at night, says Levy.
When he arrived in the United States from Cuba at 14-years-old, he was shocked to see so much food available at the grocery stores. It was the first time he saw an apple and a strawberry, he tells Nightline.
“It’s a do-or-die situation. You can’t just stay there and let people step all over you,” Levy says, adding that he was ready to escape the communist island on a raft."
Let's open up a cultural exchange with them!  We have so much to learn!

And the bizarro, backward world buffoonery continues.