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Friday, December 20, 2013

This is real life!

This is going on in real time!  The things that Obama is doing from the comfort of the Oval Office take effect in the lives of real people.  His dreams that become policies to be carried out by his minions have an impact on actual humans.

I am not sure if he knows that.

It's as though he thinks, "Hey, it would be really cool for everyone to have healthcare from the government!  England has it, let's do it."

But, he isn't much into details.  So, he makes someone else write up the law and he goes to play golf. He had a great idea, his job is finished, in his opinion.

Then, while he is daydreaming, he thinks, "A website where people could sign up for my health insurance plan would be really cool.  Let' s get one of those."

And, Michelle has some college chums who can help out.  Plus, he gets bored easily.  So, he hops on Air Force One to grab dinner with Jay-Z in Vegas and leaves all of those messy, icky details to someone else.

I don't think that he understands or cares about the ramifications of these decisions.  They are good ideas, so they will work.  So, a few people are inconvenienced or hurt.  That's no biggie.  Something has to give in the name of progress.  He just likes to give speeches.

Of course he knew that millions of people would lose their insurance.  He really thought that he could move the moon and stars, hold back the tides and make insurance companies give people affordable plans.  But, they were plans that he wanted, not plans that people actually wanted.

He underestimated or doesn't understand the free market.

People will give something up so they can pay $100 a month for an awesome phone.  The phone makes their lives better.  It does something for them, plus it is cool.

People will not give something up for insurance that they can't afford and can't use when they need it.

So, after all of the keep your plan, keep your doctor lies and 6 million people losing insurance and most of the people who didn't have insurance aren't signing up, Obama picked up his pen again.

Now, he is saying that people can keep their catastrophic coverage, if they want.

Please read "The Constitution and You."  Presidents can't do stuff like that.  There are three branches of government.  The founders made it that way so that no branch could have too much power.  That is why it is called the separation of powers, checks and balances.

He can't push through a law in the middle of the night and then re-write it dozens of times and have everybody do what he wants.


It doesn't work that way.  This is real life.  Obamacare is hurting millions of Americans.  It is helping no one.  The people who have signed up for Medicaid could have done that without a $600 million website.  The people who didn't have insurance and still don't - they are going to keep going to the emergency room.  It is paid for, they know it and why should they change anything?

And, all of the hard-working Americans who are paying for all of this?  The cat is out of the bag, it is straight up wealth re-distribution.  Don't kid yourself, you have too much and Obama is punishing you.  You should pay more while he and Michelle eat lobster in Hawaii.