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Thursday, December 12, 2013

We are still in Bizarro World

I am not kidding you, as I watch this stuff, only one thing keeps coming to mind:

If this were a Republican, he would be mocked, ridiculed, and eventually fired.

As I watched Obama speak during the Mandela memorial, I noticed the guy signing next to him.  I thought, what is that guy doing?  Is he mocking?  What is the deal?  Well, it turns out he was signing gibberish.  Really?  Why would they let a guy who was hallucinating and signing gibberish stand next to the president of the United States?  Why would anyone let it continue as it did?  Didn't it occur to anyone that those little birdy-like hand motions weren't real sign language?  Why aren't the offense-obsessed liberals offended when something is truly offensive?  But, the left just brushes it aside as if it were nothing.  You and I both know that if that was George W Bush, we would never hear the end of it.

I am serious, Dan Quayle infamously misspelled the word potato.  (He added an 'e' at the end.)  Of course, that is ridiculous.  The vice-president of the United States should know how to spell potato.  But, that was basically the end of his career.  They mocked him for that until he was out of office.

Meanwhile, "Uncle" Joe Biden should have been laughed out of office on January 21, 2009.  He has done hundreds of things that were: dumb, wrong and downright offensive. Those things barely get covered.

That guy standing next to Obama at the funeral looked like something out of a Mel Brooks' film!  As I watched him flapping his arms and preparing to take flight, I thought, it is almost like Obama surrounds himself with loons to make him look better.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn't look better, he just looks ridiculous, too.

Yesterday, I watched a line-up of democratic senators explain, in detail, why they think that it is ok for the government to spy on ordinary, American citizens.  Those same people were up in arms about spying on our enemies.  If Republicans flip-flopped like that they would receive media scrutiny similar to Chinese water torture.  But, these liberals can flip-flop all they want.

For the record, I am totally fine with spying on people with links to terrorism or for cause.  I do not agree, at all, with spying on American citizens for no reason.

This is bizarro world.  Speaking of Seinfeld, in Tallahassee, they have actually put up a "Festivus" pole (a pole of beer cans) which is not just a made up holiday, it is a holiday that was made up on Seinfeld.  They put the pole up next to the Nativity, for religious reasons.  Give me a break.

In Colorado, a 6 year old was suspended from school for sexual harassment, for kissing a classmate on the hand.  Ok, the girl doesn't want to be kissed and this little man needs to stop getting all up in her personal space.  But, for those of you keeping track on your liberal score cards - if the girl had kissed him, it wouldn't be sexual harassment, she would be an empowered, sexually liberated woman.

How can anyone keep track of this stuff?  Ok, let's see when the president is a Republican, this is bad.  But, when our guy is in office, anything goes.

I know I can't keep track.  Can you?