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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Somebody's pants are on fire!

I bet you can guess who!

Yes, I am talking about Politifact naming Obama's "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" lie the "lie of the year."

While tossing a bucket of water in the general direction of the White House, I heard a liberal commentator say that Obama didn't lie.


He actually said that Obama didn't lie.  Then, he parroted all of the liberal talking points about Obama's lying, it is the insurance companies' fault, etc. etc.

That got me thinking about the other weird things that liberals say.  I was with friends and one said, "I just don't get Republicans."  I got that slit-eyed, looking over my shoulder face, like, "What, a Republican?  Where?"

He went on, "France has government run healthcare and they aren't socialist.  Why do they call us socialist for wanting government run healthcare?"

That is when I choked and had to rush out of the room to get water.

But, isn't that weird?  I mean how could this person, who is educated, not know that government run healthcare is the linchpin in socialism?  How can he not know that France is socialist?

A reader told me about a liberal friend.  The reader asked her friend if he would like still like Obama if Obama was socialist.  The liberal friend said, "No way!  I am not for big government."


How can any liberal not know that Obama is at least socialist?  More accurately, he is communist.  How could a liberal not know that Obama is for big government?

I am starting to think that if someone doesn't know that: France is socialist, Obama is socialist, he is for big government and government run health care is the very definition of socialism, then they are:

1. Intentionally deceiving themselves or
2. Not paying any attention, at all, to anything.

See what I mean?

Anyhoo, someone knows that Obama is lying and isn't afraid to point it out.  Polls show that 45% of respondents still believe Obama to be honest and truthful.  Who are these people?

Wow, I hope he has flame retardant underpants.