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Sunday, December 8, 2013

More freedom from religion

A disturbing billboard appears in Times Square.  It says, "Keep the Merry" with a smiling picture of Santa Claus and "Dump the myth" with a picture of Jesus Christ (being crucified.)

This billboard has been brought to the public courtesy of the American atheists.  (

Another billboard from this group shows a picture of the nativity with a large slogan that says, "You know it is a myth."  The sign promotes that atheists are "reasonable" and have been since 1963.


So, it has come to this?  Now, the American Atheist organization is openly attacking Christianity?

In a country that is totally obsessed with offending anyone, we actually openly attack a religion to which 75% of the population ascribes?

If the American Atheists attacked Muslim, Hindu or Buddism, there would be lawsuits flying higher than Rob Ford.

They aren't attacking Judeism either.  But, I am afraid it is not far behind.

The fact that Jesus of Nazareth was born and the manner in which it happened it a historical fact.  The fact that he was crucified is also a historical fact.

Both pictures labelled "myth" by the atheists actually aren't myths at all.  Ask any historian, he or she will tell you that these historical events happened.

Of course, the meanings of those events have a very different significance for Chisttians versus secularists.

But, there is a philosophy of imposing their view on others that exists on one side much more than on the other.

Go to a church.  A nice person will welcome you, there will be a clean bathroom and chances are good that there will be baked goods.  (Really yummy ones!)

People aren't going to judge you, punish you, shame you or be unkind to you.

Why are atheists so upset that they have to attack other people?  Why do they have to attack my religion, I don't attack theirs?

I don't agree with them, but they are welcome to have their beliefs.

See previous post, "Rallying the troops."

Christmas patriot, pray for atheists.