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Friday, December 20, 2013

Pajama Boy

Pajama boy is the star of the latest brilliant ad by the Obama administration to "sell" Obamacare.

Wait, why do we have to "sell" Obamacare?  I thought it was the law of the land?

Oh!  Right, no one is signing up for it.  So, after spending about a billion dollars to get it up and not running, we have to spend more to advertise it.

Pajama boy is a man, wearing footy pjs, with his hands (that have never seen labor) wrapped around a steaming cup of cocoa.  His picture is in an ad, encouraging people to sign up for Obamacare.

There are so many things wrong with this, I will just start randomly pointing them out.  Work with me.

A 26 year old man shouldn't wear footy pjs.  He should probably be drinking, at least, spiked nog, not cocoa.  A 26 year old man can take care of himself.  He doesn't need his parents to take care of him and he probably doesn't need health insurance.

By the time that I was 26, I had put myself through college, passed the CPA exam, had been preparing financial statements for 4 years and made, well, plenty of money. I had my own house and certainly had my own health insurance.

If I were a millennial, I would be seriously offended by what Obama thinks of me.  Wouldn't you?  For some reason, he sees these young people as unable to care for themselves.  Why?

To imply that people in their 20s can't take care of themselves is ridiculous.  It is insulting. 

To imply that their parents or the government needs to take care of them is even more ridiculous and insulting.  Is this the message we are sending to our young people? You can't take care of yourself, someone else should.

Um, when does that stop exactly?  At what age should an (able bodied) adult start caring for him or herself?

Well, according to liberals, never.  They want cradle to grave entitlement programs.  If you get in a bind, no matter what the age, the government will be here to bail you out.

This mentality is taking away the hope of our youth.  You didn't build it means, you CAN'T build it, without the help of the government.  That is the opposite of the way this country works.

And, what does this mentality do to ingenuity?  What happens to hard work and creativity?  Well, if the government is taking the majority of your money to pay for entitlement programs for other people, what incentive do you have to work?  None, none at all.

So, liberals say, "Well look at Western Europe.  They are doing fine, just fine."  Kate is gorgeous and Wills is just dandy.

But, they aren't fine.  Their economies have gone down the loo.  Think for a second, have you ever known an American who has lived in Europe or an American who has a family member over there?

What are they always doing?  Loading up care packages of all the stuff that they can get here, but can't get over there.  I can think of so many examples, but one that comes to mind is of a woman I met in my work.  She comes home, to American, every year for Christmas.  While here, she loads up 15 boxes of stuff and has them shipped to Europe because you just can't get as many things over there.

Why do we have so much more to choose from here?  Because of the free market.  People here get to keep the money that they earn (well, they used to) so that inspires them to dream up all sorts of cool new stuff.

In socialist countries, people have most of their money taken by the government and given to other people, or redistributed, if you will.  Do they have any incentive to think of cool new products?  Nope.

It is already starting to happen here.  Businesses are closing down because of Obamacare.  This new, overreaching tax on everyone is killing jobs and businesses.   Say goodbye to new inventions, new products and cool new things. No one is going to bother when the government takes most of the profits and gives them to someone else.

So, I say get rid of pajama boy.  What about a young man dressed in a suit who is on his way to work?  Or, a young man dressed casually with his wife and children around him?  Why can't we have a picture like that as the model of a man in our society?

Oh, because it would look exactly like Mitt Romney.