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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A radical feminist

I was listening to a story on the news about a family that has doubled up.  The grandmother has moved in with her daughter and family to save costs, etc.  They have combined their homes into one which is less expensive and more convenient for everyone.

We may be all headed that way.  As prices of everything skyrocket and benefits to the elderly are stopped by loving, tolerant liberals, we may all have to start doubling up.

That isn't new.  That's old.  That's as old as the hills.

People have always had grandma live with the family while mom goes out and works.  Immigrants who had shops, the mom worked, grandma was upstairs with the kids.  Right?  This isn't a new thing.

Now, women are back in the workforce, but grandma has her own condo in West Palm Beach.  She isn't there to take care of the kids.  She is playing Parcheesi with Ethel and Ruth on the deck.

You know what I think?  American women experienced the most liberating time in the history of the world and we missed it.

It was when women stayed home with the kids, grandma was in Reno, dad worked and women spent their days perfecting the Jello mold.

Oh, I am going to get hate mail now.

But, you know I am serious.  Not HAVING to work was an option.  Getting to be home, be creative, raise the kids and have cocktail hour promptly at 5, was the easy time.

Hollywood has mocked that time period in every possible way.  But, it wasn't all bad.  One income could support a family.  That was a good thing.  One family member could choose not to work and everyone could still eat.  That was a really good thing.  Someone was there when the kids got home from school, also a good thing.

Now, women have to work, we don't have help at home, we still have to cook, clean, do laundry, pay the bills, take care of the kids, go grocery shopping.  And, we all need the two incomes just to survive.

This system completely stinks.