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Monday, October 28, 2013

Class warfare

Over the weekend, a Chinese immigrant killed his cousin's wife and four children.  He brutally stabbed to death four young children and their mother.


He was jealous of their lifestyle.

This is what happens when we de-value, mock and punish success.

"You didn't make that," this administration declares.

 "America isn't exceptional," they say.

And, the worst example of revisionist history ever, "This isn't a Christian nation."

Then what happens?  As we spiral out of control into anarchy, an important, destructive element takes hold.

Class warfare.

If you aren't in control of your circumstances, you can't change them, right?  If the government is in control of your circumstances, not you, there is no way that you can change your circumstances.  You are a victim.  As you sit in your barco lounger, with your free phone, free food and big screen TV, you start to look around.

(This is the reason that conservatives are against entitlement programs.  It keeps people in poverty.  If they work, they lose their benefits.  So, instead, they stay in comfortable poverty.)

Some people have more than you have.

But, you can't get what they have.  The government is in control of your circumstances, not you.  You can't work hard and get more.

How can you get more stuff?  How can you be more successful?  Take it.  Take their stuff.  They didn't get it by working hard, they, like you, got it from someone else.  Since they got it from someone else, it isn't theirs, it is yours.

Take it.

Class warfare isn't new.  It, like every other thing I have ranted about, is as old as the hills.

The stage is all set.  Be prepared for more stories just like this one.