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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


"I have never met a man who was good at making excuses who was good at anything else." Benjamin Franklin

Well, I may have just figured out how he is going to weasel out of this one.

Sebelius is going to be the sacrificial lamb.

And, then the king can continue on his merry way, fundamentally transforming America from a free society to a socialist one.  We will very soon be a liberal utopia.  In that utopia, the government takes everyone's money and the entire population gets squat.

Remember the bread lines in Russia?  They had those because the government was in charge of the food supply.  They didn't care if you were allergic to gluten.  They didn't care if you stood there all day and starved to death waiting for your stinkin' bread.  Ingrate.

Think of the line at the post office.  Think about it.  You want a very simple service, a service that was successfully navigated with PONIES at one time.  But, I digress.  No matter how long it takes,  no matter how slow, terrible, rude and snarky the service is, the price FOR THE SAME SERVICE WILL CONTINUE TO RISE.  Why?  Because of government bureaucracy.

Now, the line for your doctor will be just like that line at the post office.  You may not have to wait in an actual line, but you will not get to see a doctor for weeks.  Scheduling surgeries could take months.  And, why?  Because the government has to decide if you really need that surgery.  That decision is no longer up to your doctor.

And, what about those doctors?  Will the best and the brightest continue to work for 10 years of their young lives and amass $200,000 in debt in order to become doctors?  They may not, when they see that they are no longer really in charge of patient care.  Of course, doctors' salaries will go down dramatically.  Will there be any reason to enter that field?  Will America continue to be the world leader in medical technology, research and innovation?  Probably not.  All of our money will go to government bureaucracy instead of research.

So, back to Sebelius.  She (and that other gal who testified yesterday) are the first official apologies that the American people have received from this administration.  She is going to take the fall to protect him.  She is putting her own head in the noose.

Well, let's see how things continue to unfold.  Let's see how they are going to spin this latest disaster.