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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Still in bizarro world

So, the Democrats and Obama got everything that they wanted.

The debt ceiling will be raised.  Raising the debt ceiling was something that Democrats (rightly) opposed during the Bush administration.  They called it a failure of leadership, irresponsible and unpatriotic.

Why isn't anyone talking about that?

While Democrats called Republicans arsonists, terrorists, etc, why didn't one single person say, "Hey, wait a minute, you were against raising the debt ceiling before.  Why are you for it now? Why do you call it 'moving the country forward?'  Why do you call someone who doesn't want to raise the debt ceiling now all of those awful names?"

Wait, the media should be doing this.  Our watchdog media shouldn't let politicians get away with this.  They should be investigating all of these inconsistencies and going after these people.

Oh, yeah.


The Democrats got full funding for every single bloated government bureaucracy that they wanted.  Will there ever be a meaningful discussion of cutting our wasteful government spending?  The president and Democrats refused to compromise at all.  Not once in this entire ordeal did they give in to a single demand.  They called Republicans all sorts of terrible names and got everything that they wanted.

Obamacare was fully funded, no changes, no delays for us.  Only Obama's buddies and biggest supporters got those.  Unions backed Obama coast to coast based on the healthcare law, then they saw what was in it, saw that costs would skyrocket, decided that they didn't want it, so Obama exempted them.

But you aren't exempted.  You aren't Obama's buddy.  You are stuck with it.

And, here is the best part: not one problem was solved.  Because the Democrats and Obama refuse to solve any problems.  They want our debt to grow.  They want us to have a $3.7 trillion annual deficit.  They want America to fail.  They want Americans to lose jobs.  They got it all.

In just 3 months, about 13 weeks, we are going to have to do it all again.

Republicans, we need to get our act together.  We need to make our position clear, concise and get it out there.

We are the party of:
personal responsibility,
lower taxes,
limited government,
the free market,
states rights,
religious freedom and

Now, Democrats and Obama have labeled us:
A Hate Group,
Arsonists (can someone explain that to me)

I am not sure how Democrats take the worst possible policies package it as "We love puppies and want to give people free stuff" and make it work.  Remember, we have Detroit.  Every possible liberal policy has had an opportunity to work, unchecked.  You get bankruptcy.  Period.

If we continue to let every liberal policy an opportunity to run rampant, the country is going to be bankrupt.  Period.

Republicans want to give people their freedom.  Freedom to live and work how they choose.  We have to get that message out there.

Remember, giving people free stuff doesn't help them.  After 60 years of the war on poverty and trillions spent, poverty is worse than ever.

We need to make our message sound a lot more like, "We love puppies."