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Friday, October 25, 2013


I can't believe that I haven't mentioned this sooner.

Earlier this year, I was talking to two conservative, Christian Russians in a church near where I live.  (We were there because our children were taking a test.)

If you had told me in 1984 while I was shimmying to "99 Red Balloons" that in 2013 I would be talking to two former Soviets in a church, I wouldn't have believed you in a million years.

It was before the election, so I wasn't completely unhinged yet.  Well, maybe.

They were saying, "Maybe we should go back to Russia!"  They had never imagined that communism would actually catch on here.

They told me that the most important part of communism was atheism.  Isn't that interesting?  There were no allowances for any religion at all.  All religion was bad, needed to be removed and religious people were considered enemies of the state.

Hmmmmm.  Didn't the Pentagon recently label Christians a hate group?

The families of these women fled to the US for religious freedom.  They are successful and have taken full advantage of every opportunity that this country provides.  They got were they are with hard work and determination.