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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hold on

The Democrats are now blaming the Republicans for the failures of Obamacare?


I just saw an interview with Howard Dean in which he says that the problems with Obamacare have to be blamed on the Republicans because of the government shutdown.  You can hear the interviewer going, "Yeah!"  As if that could possibly true.

House Republicans are the only sane people left in the entire federal government.  The house has the "power of the purse."  The American people sent Republicans to the house so that they could rein in government spending.  That is how it works, whether you like it or not.

I guess the Democrats bank on the fact that most people don't know that when they say, "Well, we are in charge, we are going to shove whatever we want down your throats and oh, yeah, here is the bill."

It is crazy to say that the Republicans were responsible for the government shutdown.  It is pure lunacy to say that the Republicans are responsible for the Obamacare failures.

Democrats, wake up!  Your intelligence is being mocked.

There is no way that anyone could believe that an Obama sponsored bill, that was supported 100% by Democrats and has been opposed in every possible way by Republicans, could in any way be the fault of Republicans!

It was bad to say that Republicans were responsible for the shutdown.  Really, the Republicans were waiting at the negotiating table.  They waited for the president to get off the golf course.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi didn't even condescend to show up.  Republicans made concession after concession and ended up getting nothing for their trouble.  Why?

Obama and senate Democrats REFUSED TO NEGOTIATE.

Now, Democrats have shoved Obamacare down our throats - 70% of Americans don't want it.  Premiums are going through the roof and that is just for the people who get to keep their insurance.  The rest are getting dumped by their insurance companies.

Then this arrogant, incompetent administration wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of OUR money on a website that doesn't even work.  It doesn't help the very people that democrats claim to want to help.

Website designers are lined up out the door to talk about how they could have designed a website like that in a fraction of the three years that they had and for about $1 million.  That is a savings of $393 million, for those of you keeping track.

And democrats honestly think that the people they have elected, the people who represent them, the people who are supposed to care about them, actually care?

Nope.  They just want more money oh and

They blame Republicans.

This is absolutely unbelievable. It is outrageous.