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Friday, October 25, 2013

Diane Sawyer

My mom grew up with Diane Sawyer.  If we met her on the street, she wouldn't run up and hug us.  But, if we told her who mom was, she would know.  It's like that, ok?

When I was growing up, mom used to say, "I feel sorry for Diane."  We would be sitting there in the middle of nowhere (see previous posts) in our Scooby-Doo pjs watching one of those TVs that has three channels and is a piece of furniture.  Remember those?

I remember looking around and thinking, "I don't feel sorry for Diane at all.  She looks like she has it made."

Now, as I sit here with my own children, I am starting to feel sorry for Diane.  How can a woman who has benefitted in every possible way from the feminist movement possibly further the notion that a woman in a burka is free?

Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Diane Sawyer.  In a field completely dominated by men, Diane has not only become one of the most known, noted and treasured female journalists of our time.  She has become one of the most known, successful and beloved journalists of our time, period.  Male or female.

I also remember looking at mom, looking at Diane and then thinking, "Mom is a lot prettier."

How can this woman who sat next to my mother in her ballet shoes and has absolutely risen to the pinnacle of her profession do a report that basically says that American women are less free than women who wear burkas?

And Republicans are engaged in a war on women?