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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Climate Change"

I put it in quotes because it isn't a real thing.  It is a pretend thing.

Actually it is a pretend thing made up to replace another made up thing.

Remember "global warming?"  It has been proved, undeniably, to be completely false.  And, the polar ice caps are thicker than they have been during the past 15 years.

Drew Carey said, "Anyone who believes in global warming hasn't been to Cleveland in January."


Now, if you told someone that global warming wasn't true, they would call you all sorts of icky names.  But, it has been proven false.  So, quietly, without any fanfare the term has been changed to "climate change."  Now, the next ice age is coming.

And, they call us fearmongers?  Isn't that just going from one fearmongering tactic to another without even a pause to get a Ph.D?

And, so it continues.  Now climate change is being called into question.  There just aren't any undeniable scientific facts to support it.

Remember science?  You had a hypothesis, you tested it and if was true then it became a real, scientific fact.  That was so cool.  They used to teach you to prove hypotheses in school. What do they do now?  Ask you to make predictions, find them to be false, then write a paper on it, publish a dissertation on it and then get a show on MSNBC?

Oh, yeah.

So, now newspapers are actually censoring articles that debunk the notion of climate change.  There goes that freedom of the press again.  There goes our lapdog oh I mean watchdog media again searching to uncover the truth at all costs to protect us.

I miss that.  I miss science.

Don't you?