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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh, great, a personal message directly to Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid has already said that the democrats won't negotiate during budgets talks.

Oh, great!

The budget talks haven't even started yet!  They start next week.

And, we already know that the stompy-foot democrats aren't going to budge.

We've increased taxes in every possible way in the last five years.  We have raised taxes on the rich, the poor, the middle class.  We have increased taxes in the form of regulations that are strangling businesses.  We increased the payroll tax by 2% and every single working American saw a decrease in their paychecks.

I imagine a lot of people saw that loss and thought, "Hey, I am not rich!  Why are my taxes going up?"

Because, to a democrat, if you make $30,000 a year you are rich and deserve to pay "your fair share" in higher taxes.

Ok, he wants more money to come into the federal government, right?  He says that people are willing to pay more.  Isn't that nice?


But, when you increase the tax RATE you don't necessarily get an increase in REVENUE.  The wealthy put their money elsewhere to avoid the taxes.  The poor can't pay it.

So, Harry, you want more money coming in?  LOWER TAXES ACROSS THE BOARD ON ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE.

He was around in the 70s, I know he was.  Carter was strangling the economy with high taxes and good intentions and we were going down the crapper.

Reagan came in and simply cut taxes.  He also let our enemies know that he wouldn't take any crap.  Oh, the media hated him!  I was in school and I still remember thinking, "Is Bryant Gumbel allowed to talk to the conservative person like that?  I thought we were supposed to have 'objective journalism.'"

The act of limiting the government that had been slowing growing since WW2, ushered in the era of the greatest growth the world has ever known.  We made astounding technological advances (I think something happened in someone's garage, some fruit company.  That could happen because the government wasn't there shutting them down.)

Our charitable giving went through the roof because everyone had more money.

And, finally, Harry, the revenue flooding into the federal government soared.

Liberal policies don't work!  They have been tried here and around the world and they have never worked.  What works is the free market, limited government and low taxation.

Here is what I don't get.  What does Harry get out of this?  Why does he cling so desperately to these policies?  I mean, seriously, what is in it for him?

If we don't crush hard-working, tax-paying, middle-class Americans will Harry's life change?  Will he lose his spot at the Greenbriar?  Will he lose his cushy chair in that congressional lounge where he gets to go sip whiskey?  Will he lose his staff of 20 or so minions who will do his bidding?  Will he have to get his own sandwich from the congressional deli?  Will he have to (gasp!) open his own mail or answer his own phone?

Seriously. What is in it for you, Harry?

You will still have your obscene wealth, which you earned from taxpayers.  While at the same time, you call hard working business owners who have risked everything to make something new 'greedy.'

You will still get to life the high life.  Why do you have to begrudge the rest of us groceries?

What do you get out of all this, Harry?  Seriously, I want to know.