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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stumping on the Stalemate

"He will not negotiate.  He will not make concessions to Republicans in exchange for not tanking the economy."  Jay Carney (White House press secretary)

Exasperated sigh

Usually President Obama at least goes through the rigmarole of lying.  This time he isn't even bothering to do that.  He is just coming right out and saying that he won't negotiate.  He did meet with Republicans, but just to tell them that he won't negotiate.

But, the media and liberals still think this is the Republicans' fault?

I don't understand it.

So, what is he doing?  What he does best - going out on the campaign trail to take his lies directly to you, the American people.

He will tell you:
Insurance premiums are down - have your insurance premiums gone down?
More people have access to health care - even though every day we hear that more people are losing their insurance

And now, there is a shooting.  Why do shootings keep happening right when Obama is in a really big mess?

Exasperated sigh