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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The blame game

And, it continues.

When confronted by a disturbing truth, people often refuse to listen.

Now, people who just can't let this go, who worship Obama and can't accept that he has lied repeatedly (roll film!) are saying that it is the insurance companies' fault for premiums going up.


Ok, the insurance companies have to pay for all this stuff.  Don't they know that?  Ultimately, when 300 million of us go to the doctor, the bills are going to be turned over to the insurance companies.

The insurance companies, you know, the ones that live in the real world and operate on the market?  If they can't make enough money to survive, then what are we going to do?  Plans under Obamacare require that single men without children must be covered for pediatric dentistry.  Plans under Obamacare require that 60 year old women have coverage of maternity needs.

If the insurance companies have to add all of that stuff to plans, the price of the plans will go up.  (Please see my previous post about economics.)  That young, healthy man doesn't need or want pediatric coverage.  That woman doesn't want or need maternity coverage.

But, they are going to get it anyway and pay for it anyway.  Because the government knows best.  And, the cost of the plans going up is a DIRECT RESULT of Obamacare.  The reason for people losing their plans is a DIRECT RESULT of Obamacare.

So, when the insurance companies go belly up because they can't afford to insure anyone and they go out of  business, what will happen?  Oh, yeah, the federal government will be our health insurance provider.

And, I guess, in the end, that is what they want.  They want the government to take over everything in our lives because we are too stupid to know how to take care of ourselves.

I have also heard the president's adoring talking heads blame the people around Obama for Obama's lies.

Exasperated sigh.

Obama chose those people.  He hired those people.  He set the "tone at the top" for how this entire operation would run.  His people are his fault.


At this point, I am not sure what he can do.  I didn't think that anyone could weasel out of scandal after scandal, lie after lie.  He just feigned outrage, proclaimed he would get to the bottom of it and went back to the golf course - each and every time.

But this latest, that Obamacare is somehow not his fault?

Please.  I am not sure if even he can get out of this one.