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Saturday, October 26, 2013


You know why my rants have been a little bit subdued for a few days?  Know why I have been talking about goldfish, electrical storms and Dancing with the Stars?

Well, I was happy.

For a few, glorious days, I was happy.  Probably for the first time since the baffling election last year. I, of course, am not happy about the blatant waste of taxpayer dollars or the fact that people who may need it don't have healthcare.

(Please go see what your state has.  I did.  And, states provide insurance for people, unless the bungler-in-chief has totally screwed that up, too.)

I was happy because there was absolutely, positively, no way that Democrats could blame this latest in a string of scandals on the Republicans.  No way.  I mean, come on, people, it's called OBAMAcare.

I was actually happy because I thought that people were finally waking up.  The liberal media was even admitting that the Obamacare rollout was a fiasco.

Wasn't it Jon Stewart who said, "Ok, now how are they going to spin this turd?"

1. Even the liberal media knows that the administration spins its ridiculous, bumbling failures into lunatic fantasies and
2.  Even the liberal media knows that Obamacare is a turd!

(Sorry, mom.)

The vast majority of Americans think that the country is headed in the wrong direction.  They, unlike you and me, seem to be confused about the exact cause.  But, they know that it is going the wrong way.

This was the neon sign to connect those dots.

"Hey, everybody,  this is the reason we are headed the wrong way! The signature legislation of this administration, which is NAMED AFTER THIS ADMINISTRATION is a dismal failure.  More people are losing their insurance than are being covered by the 'Affordable Care Act.' Hey, everybody, this is the problem, right here!"

Even the most confused, uninformed, partisan individual can not possibly misunderstand that Obamacare cost us a fortune and is a failure.  It is completely the fault of the person who it is named after.  He has been selling it for SIX YEARS.  He won two presidential elections based on this law.


The fact that it is a total disaster is somehow the a Republicans' fault.

I have left the happy place and am totally unhinged.