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Sunday, October 13, 2013

You know, when Hitler took over Germany, there was a very careful strategy.  He went after the youth.  He used the angst that they had against their parents.  Teenagers have that, angst toward their parents.  He used that, told the youth that their parents were dumb, wrong, stupid and only he knew the right thing.  He, Hitler, could provide the future that they wanted.

He trained them that the people he didn't like, Jews, were evil, stupid, wrong and that they didn't deserve to live.

How else could otherwise sane people willingly slaughter millions of innocent people?  They couldn't, unless they had been brainwashed by an evil dictator.  The evil dictator trained them to look away from their own humanity, to deny the humanity of people who were different from them and to kill them.  They were brainwashed.  This is how the atrocity of the Holocaust was able to be accomplished.  It is also the reason that, after liberating the concentration camps, American soldiers took German villagers over their village hill to the camps and the Germans honestly said that they didn't know what was going on.

I see the lunacy of paying people to put up barricades all over Washingon.  Well, it really is disgusting.  Vets are being kept away from memorials, armed guards are stationed at the Lincoln Memorial.

But, here is what is really scary.

Why would a park ranger in at Yellowstone National Park all the way across the country in Wyoming feel compelled to forcefully remove senior citizens from our national parks?

It worries me, the level of control that has taken over.  A young person in Wyoming should smile and politely move the barrier and help these people get a good view.  These citizens are only asking to walk along the sidewalk of our national parks.

Have these park rangers all the way across the country been brainwashed?  Do they believe that people who love America are the enemy?

We have taken another big step in the direction of Nazi Germany.

Wake up, America!