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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Petulance - the quality of being childish, sulky or bad-tempered.

My child had to do a math test today.  She wanted 2 things before she took the test, a snack and a drink.

I decided that she didn't need either of those things before the test and that powering through the test and getting those things after might be a nice reward.

She immediately became PETULANT.  She was ill-tempered and sulky, but she did start the test. A few minutes after she started, I decided that she could have the drink.  So, I got the drink and handed it to her.  She then happily slurped the drink, stopped being petulant and willingly worked on the test.

This is how negotiating works.  This is how life works, there is give and take.  People discuss, they change their position.  In the end, everyone is happy.

Of course, a math test made me think of Washington.

Obama is being PETULANT.  He is being childish, ill-tempered and sulky.  He is not negotiating, he has publicly said that he won't negotiate (now he says he will negotiate but only after he gets everything that he wants).

There is no discussion, there is no give and take, no one is happy.

Just to recap (again) the House of Representatives (which is in charge of spending) has sent bills to the Senate that will fully fund the government.
1. The first fully funded the government without funding for Obamacare.
2. The second fully funded the government and delayed Obamacare for a year.
3. The third fully funded the government and asked only for an individual delay of the individual mandate for Obamacare, the exact same concession that he has given to other groups.

I know that I am repeating myself (my husband hates that).  But, these are the facts and the facts haven't changed.

The Republicans have made concession after concession and Obama-Reid won't budge an inch.

Even my petulant CHILD changed her position when one of her demands was met.  That is what happens when one side gives a little something.  The other side feels compelled to do the same.

How can people not see that one side is giving something and the other side is giving nothing?  Well, maybe they are starting to see it, Obama's approval rating is dropping steadily.

Remember, Obama has not passed a single budget throughout his entire presidency.  And, every time that he is asked to cut his spending he acts like a petulant child.

In the ultimate showcase of his petulance and downright disgust for the American people, he is spending thousands of dollars to keep people out of open air monuments, open air parks, and even having veterans arrested.  He has had barricades set up on highways so that people can't stop and look at national parks like Mount Rushmore.

Across the nation, Obama is spending your tax dollars to openly show his disdain for the American people.

And, all for what?  For Obamacare?  How is that working out?  Are people able to sign up?  Even Jon Stewart has taken up the Republican argument, openly asking Kathleen Sebelius why we can't delay the individual mandate.

And, remember the phone number to sign up for Obamacare.  I hadn't put in on here before because of my mother.  So, sorry, Mom.  This is worthy of note.  The number is 1-800-F1UCK-YO.  This was no accident.  They plan these numbers.  This is how Obama feels about the American people.

And, he is being sure to let us know with his petulant behavior.