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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A taste of their own medicine

I live in a very liberal area.  A lot of people who work for our city don't live in our city.  Many teachers take their 6 -figure salaries home to the suburbs.  All of those taxpayer dollars are then spent and invested in another community.

A lot of city workers don't live in our city.  We even have a city council member who lives somewhere else.  Ugh!

Just this year my street was re-paved.  Poorly, I might add.  After the work was done, everyone on the street was given a tax increase.  See, that's how liberals do it.  They had Obama'ed the money that we paid for street repairs and used it on something else.  (Oh, goody, goody, money!  Hey, let's spend it!  Our constituents are idiots, we can always demand more from them later.). Then, when it came time for street repairs, they did the work and had to charge us again for it.

Today, we were walking the dog and city workers were using a truck with a plow on the front to pick up leaves and fallen branches.  I could hear that plow scraping off the top layer of brand new macadam, that I just paid for.

I asked one of the men if he lived in our city.  He (of course) said that he didn't.  I (sweetly) expressed my concern over our brand new street being torn apart.  He said to call city hall.  He even called me 'honey,' a testament to the success of my diet.

And, that was the end of that.

He needs a taste of his own medicine.  What if the street that he had just paid for in his city was being torn up?  You don't use a plow to pick up leaves and branches!  He would be really upset.  But, he doesn't live in this city and frankly, he just doesn't care.

It is very important to point out that EVERY REPUBLICAN MEMBER OF THE HOUSE has agreed to subject themselves and their staff to Obamacare.  They passed it, they have to live by it, just like the rest of us.

Do any liberals notice what their own party is doing?  They don't want Obamacare.  Congressional democrats are still "deciding" if they are their staff will be subjected to Obamacare.

Um, why can't we make that decision for ourselves?

And, in the most egregious, arrogant display I have ever seen, Secretary Sebelius said that it would be illegal for her to go on Obamacare.  Now, that is just laughable.  The arrogance of this administration knows no bounds.  I ask, again, once we run out of money who is going to pay for all of their extravagant trips, their lobster, their lifetime pensions?

Hey, how about if we make it illegal for the rest of us, too?

I think that all of those liberals need a taste of their own medicine.

Don't you?