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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another interesting morning

So, I was talking to BTL again this morning.  (See previous post, An interesting morning.)

And, we were talking about taxes.

These liberals are getting downright chatty with me.

I can't imagine how taxes came up.  I mean, it's not like I'm obsessing about this stuff or anything.

So, we were discussing all of our local tax levies (see previous post, Local taxes.)  We are currently facing a tax increase for the: port, libraries, schools and parks.  If they all pass our property taxes could go up as much as 50%.  She was really concerned about our tax increases.

She completely agreed that raising taxes isn't always the answer.  (See future post, "Chicago.")  She even felt that raising taxes can really hurt people because some people can't afford the taxes and then they lose their house.

We had a dialogue, a reasonable discussion.  We agreed!

Why am I telling you this?

Common ground - we need to find it.  It is key to our success.  If we can find common ground with liberals, we can really get somewhere.

Nancy Pelosi says that the amount we pay doesn't make a difference, well it doesn't make a difference to her.  She doesn't care, she is a billionaire and doesn't care about her constituents.  She is completely out of touch with America, including many liberals.

They actually don't want to pay for taxes instead of food.  And, that is where we are headed.

So, maybe it is ok that I am totally obsessed with this stuff and talk about it.  It helps find common ground and it furthers our message.

And, it's interesting.