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Friday, October 25, 2013


A new poll shows that 73% of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction that the country is going. More Democrats and more Independents are dissatisfied than they were a year ago.  Republicans were just as ticked off a year ago as they are now.  (Don't blame me!)

What I don't understand is how liberals fail to see that it is the very policies that they worship that cause this kind of mess.  (See previous 3 posts, Its's a Mess!)

Know what I mean?

Again, the halls of liberalism tend to be filled with people who majored in "gender equality studies."  While Republicans tend to be engineers, accountants and finance majors.

And, that may explain some of it.

Remember what Reagan said, "Liberals aren't dumb, it's just that everything they think they know wrong."

Maybe they just don't understand?

Using my model of the good hearted liberal, which I fervently believe to be true, I understand that most liberals genuinely want to help people.

Aren't there any good hearted liberals out there who see that the current policies aren't helping people?  Can't they see that their beloved programs don't actually work.

2.7 million MORE Americans are in poverty today than in 2009.  That's horrible.  Think of all those people.  The food stamp program has increased, 12 million more people are on food stamps and it didn't help at all.  More people are living in poverty.

Isn't there one good hearted liberal out there who will stand up and say, "Stop!  This isn't working."  Don't they care?  Can't they imagine the faces of all those people, suffering, right here in America?

One of my favorite sayings is, 'If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day.  If you give him a fishing pole, he will eat for life."

Another way to say it is, 'If you give a person a hand out, he will vote Democrat forever.  If you give him clothes and a job interview, he will become a Republican.'

Half of Americans say that they are just getting by.  They are barely making ends meet and are only just able to pay their bills.  That makes me so sad.  Think of all those people.  Think of all those children who may not get to do an extracurricular activity this year because their family doesn't have the money.

The money was wasted on Obamacare.

Think of all those hard working Americans who have to sit their child down and say, "Honey, I know we planned on sending you on the class trip to Washington D.C., but we can't afford it now.  I am so sorry, honey."

The money was squandered on a botched up website.

Think of all those Americans with degrees who work hard in the field of accounting, engineering and finance.  They all make great salaries and they are barely making it because they spend  almost all of their money on food, gas and other people.

Their money is going to fund the socialism healthcare system.

Why doesn't one liberal stand up and say, "these policies are killing the middle class!  We need to stop and rethink this.  I care about the middle class!" 

Does any elite liberal actually know anyone in the middle class?  Is that the problem?  I am not sure if they understand how much damage their policies do to the people who work hard and make this country run every day.

Do they?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result.

France, Greece, Detroit, Chicago, it isn't working.  Socialism policies don't work.

Can't we stop this now?