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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Ok, I had to mention this because I have been ranting about it so much.

A democrat may have come to his/her senses.  In fact, 6 of them may have.  Allegedly.

Just a little background, stuff gets really messed up along the way to the average NBC viewer.  It's kinda like that game, telephone.  You know, one kid whispers in the next kid's ear, "Ted went to the pool."  And by the time it gets to the end of the line of kids, it has turned into, "Beds are in the school."

It's kinda like that.

Ok, here is the background, the House of Representatives has the power of the purse.  Not the Senate, the House.  After the house passes a budget, which they have done ever since John Boehner became speaker, it is the job of the Senate to pass it.  The Senate has not passed a budget once in the entire Obama presidency.

So, the next time you are at Chili's and someone is blathering on about how horrible John Boehner is and how wonderful Harry Reid is, just say, "The House has the power of the purse."  Munch, munch, and smile, you just channeled your inner redneck.

Back to the alleged sanity.  A bi-partisan group, 6 democrats and 6 republicans, led by Republican Senator  from Maine, Susan Collins came to a deal!

Here is the deal: fund the federal government for 6 months, increase federal debt limit through January, a 2-year delay on Obama's medical device tax (which would destroy the medical industry, I should probably rant about that), require income verification for people who apply for Obamacare subsidies (duh!) and give the government $967 billion dollars to work with.

That all sounds pretty sane to me, except for the spending $967 billion more.  But, I know we have to do that, I guess.  The way it works now, gazillionaires can apply for and receive your tax payer, Obama-care subsidies.  There is currently no income verification requirement.  That is crazy.

Reid said that this proposed deal is going nowhere.  Nice negotiation on his part.

It's not going through, but I did want to point out that, allegedly, 6 democratic senators did come to their senses and attempt to make some sort of deal.