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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bizarro World

We're living in it.

If a Republican president had a program that worked so poorly that you couldn't even operate its website after having 3 years to get it right,

The media would start a tirade and the president would go down in flames.

If a Republican president used the IRS to intimidate, torment and ruin the lives of his (or her) political opponents,

The media would be up in arms and his (or her) political career would be over.

If a Republican president went to: bed, Las Vegas or God only knows where (good thing they don't believe in God!)  during a 7-hour terrorist attack which left 4 Americans including an ambassador dead,

The media would be outraged.  They would investigate until every detail was discovered, then they would roast that president over an open flame.

If a Republican president made a campaign promise (or a promise while in a previous office) then flip-flopped and went totally against those promises over and over,

Investigative, watchdog, liberal media-types would turn up every tape, every newsreel, every Internet post and would play those inconsistencies until every American had them memorized.  They would be so outraged and morally indignant that they would wear flip-flops to White House press briefings.

Speaking of those...

If a Republican White House press secretary said things that were proven to be lies over and over again,

Liberal journalists, who protect the interests of the people, would shout it from the rooftops so loudly that the secretary would be fired.

Speaking of firings...

If a Republican attorney general was in contempt of congress not once, but twice,

The watchdog media would (rightly) rant and rave until he was fired.

And, if a Republican director of health and human services couldn't say how many people signed up for a Republican piece of "signature" legislation,

He or she would be mocked by the media until he or she was forced to resign.

We are currently living in bizarro world.