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Friday, October 25, 2013

Disconnect (cont.)

Can't we stop this now?

When you think of Hilary Clinton, do you think of someone who honestly cares about the well being of other people?

"What does is matter now?" She screamed about the four men who were murdered in Benghazi.  I think it matters a lot to the parents, wives, and children of those men.

Don't you think it matters?

When you think of Kathleen Sebelius, do you think of a person who is warm and caring for her fellow human beings?

"Some people live and some people die."  She declared as the life of a little girl was literally in her hands.  That little girl is alive and well now, thanks to a Reagan-appointed judge who signed the paper that Sebelius refused to sign.

Some people care if some people die.  Don't you care?

Or, when you think of these elite liberals do you think of someone who cares absolutely nothing whatsoever for anyone but: themselves, their careers, and their own butts?

What I struggle with is, how can they disdain the American people so much?  Seriously, how can they begrudge us our simple little lives and a future for our children?  We keep paying their cushy salaries so that they can live the highlife.  Why can't we just live our lives without all of this government interference that is crippling us?

Here is what I absolutely can't understand at all.  When the economy fails and 1% of the population is rich and the other 99% is poor (anybody remember the USSR?) who will pay those cushy salaries?  Won't lots and lots of government people lose their highlife?

So, we have tried the liberal way for 5 years.  Every possible aspect of our economy is worse.  Can't we just stop now?  Can't we just try a little de-regulation so that businesses can succeed and hire new people?  Can't we lower some taxes so that people can pay their bills?

When you lower taxes, federal revenue soars.  That's what they want, right?  Lots of money flowing into the federal government?

Republicans know how to do that.  Then the liberals can have a field day spending it all.

Why don't liberals see that the policies that they adore hurt people and destroy economies?

Why is there that disconnect?