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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

La La Land

I had to take a break.  There is only so much of this nonsense that one person can take.  So, I turned on Harry Potter.  I have only seen it, like, 50 times.

You know why I like Harry Potter?  I am not alone, there are a few other people out there who like it, too, I think.

In Harry Potter, good is good, evil is evil.  In this series, like in life, in order to defeat evil, you have to name it and then fight against it.

There is a point when Harry actually gets smeared by the government because they don't want to see evil.  I bet he felt a lot like a Republican at that point.

They call him a liar, crazy, they completely assault his character, just because he knows that evil exists and they don't want to see it.

Wait a minute.  Hunh, that sounds really familiar.

Well, Harry fans, we need to pull together to fight another day.  That day will be really soon because this whole battle has to be fought again in, like, a few months.

Make calls, talk to people, get our good message out there.

We have to halt the destruction of over-taxation.  We have to stand up for ourselves.  We have to fight against this.  (See previous post, The Boston Tea Party.)

We have to fight for the free market, it is worth it.  Socialism has failed the world over, we have to keep fighting for this republic, it is worth it.

Ooo, it is that great part where Harry battles evil.

Gotta go and battle evil.

Hey, you go battle evil, too.