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Monday, October 14, 2013

Local Taxes

In my area, there are 4 tax increases which will be proposed on the November 5th ballot.  The levies are for: parks, libraries, ports and local schools.

If all of the levies pass, my property taxes will go up 50%.

Of course, I oppose all of these tax increases.

But, there is a really good reason.  It is not because I hate nature (country girl, remember?) or education (master's degree).  It is because there are better ways to fund these programs than to drown hard-working citizens in taxes.

First of all, when you increase a tax rate, you don't always get a corresponding increase in revenue.  (I mentioned this before.)

And, with property tax increases as high as these, people will lose their homes.  So, what is the answer to this crippling taxation?

Is there really a better way?

Yes, there is.

Second, thing is we need to make sure all of those tax levies fail.

Third, when people get to keep more of the money that they have earned, they have more money!  People can go buy things, which increases sales tax revenue or they can donate to things they care about, like the library or the park.

When the government takes everybody's money, they decide what is important, they decide where that money will be spent.  The money goes to things you might not agree with at all.  And you can't do anything about it.

Because you voted for all of those tax increases.