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Saturday, October 19, 2013


If you haven't noticed by now, sometimes I think random thoughts.

Maybe it is because of the funeral and I was thinking about losing family members.  But, for some reason, I was thinking about the Kennedys.  There was a thing recently about Caroline Kennedy, she was in the news for being an ambassador or something.  So, her personal fortune was released and it was like half a bagillion dollars or something.

And, you know what I thought, I would give back the half a gazillion to get my brother, mother and father back.

You know?

Anyway, then I started thinking about the Kennedys.  They have a lot of money.  They have always been big-time democrats.  And, I get it.  They really want to help people, they want to give some of that money to people who are less fortunate.

But, the government doesn't do a very good job of helping people.  In fact, they kinda stink at it.  Here is what happens when you give money to the government.

They set up an office.  They rent the office, buy all of those cool office supplies, expensive desks and chairs.  Then they hire people.  They have to set up interviews, second interviews.  Then there is all of the drug testing, etc.

Still haven't helped anyone yet.

They just don't do an efficient job of helping people.

What they could do instead is put money in a trust or set up a foundation.  They could decide who gets the money and give it directly to those people.  Yes, there will be some money that goes to administration.  But, the amount of the dollar that goes to people in need is significantly more from private donations than from the government.