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Monday, October 14, 2013

American Exceptionalism

On the Today Show, 5 hosts couldn't articulate much of anything that makes America exceptional.  They stumbled and mumbled and mentioned cheese and hot dogs.  The segment was praising Europe and saying that Europeans live better than Americans.

Please see my previous post, "A little bit about socialism."

So, according to NBC, tax-crippled Europe is better than America and to prove it they couldn't think of anything exceptional about America.

Matt Lauer, this one is for you.

A brief list of things that make America exceptional:
1. The Internet
2. Aviaton
3. Energy technology
4. Medical treatments, discoveries and technology
5. Movies
6. Humanitarian aid to millions of people around the world
7. Bourbon
8. The most generous people in the world
9. Tax deductions for charitable giving, which helps us be the most generous people in the world and Obama is trying to get rid of
10. Rock and roll
11. The Constitution
12. The first amendment
Countless innovations and technological advancements that have made us the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Why are we trying to deny it?