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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The few, the proud

In an unprecedented act of idiocy (wait a minute, there might be some recent precedents, see all of my previous posts) the Obama administration is changing the Marine Corps hats to be more unisex.

Maybe the government should have stayed closed.  At least Obama wasn't finding ridiculous ways to waste our money.

To the tune of 8 million dollars, the Obama administration is changing the hat so that it will look better on women.

Does anyone else see that making the military look less masculine is not a good thing?  We want our military to look tough.  Let me rephrase that, I want our military to look tough because I want them to win.

Is that what Obama wants?  Or does he want our military to look more feminine so that we will lose?

I hope that all of you know what the Marine Corps does for our country, they keep us safe.  They are the first to arrive on the scene, they are the first to go in.  When politicians talk about "boots on the ground" those boots are filled up with proud, brave, courageous men and women who put them on to protect us.  They do this selflessly because they are Marines.

I can't even imagine a woman in the Marine Corps who would want to have a cover that makes her look more feminine.  Seriously.  She would want to look like the kick-ass you-know-what that she is.

Am I right?  Any Marines out there wanna chime in?

I am getting that mental image again of Obama sitting around in the Oval Office with a bunch of political science and women's studies majors.

And, they are laughing.


At us.

If you aren't upset yet, you should be.