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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Immigration rally

Exasperated sigh.

Ok, I thought I would get that over with right off the bat.

Um, the federal government has been paying people to run all over the country setting up cones and kicking Americans off national lands.

It probably took a lot of people and a lot of money to go out early in the morning on October 1st and set up all of those cones around OPEN AIR MONUMENTS.

The war memorials are just sitting there.  It doesn't cost anything to run them, they are there, in the open.  People can just walk up to them, they don't cost anything.  Like the Vietnam Memorial (you go my hometown girl, Maya Lin!) it is there out in the open.  It took a lot of money to pay people to put up barricades and forcefully keep vets out of there.

If you weren't disgusted watching this coverage on the news, you should be.

A couple was kicked out of their vacation home because the house, that they own, is on Federal lands.  This is the kind of stuff the the government is doing.  It was even reported that a national park ranger was told to "make people miserable."

I am sighing again.

And, amidst all this, immigrants were allowed to rally on the mall.  The federal government put out speakers, microphones, barricades to honor the plight of immigrants.

I don't have anything against immigrants, we are a country of immigrants.  I have a problem with illegal aliens because no country in the world allows people to stay in their country illegally except us.  And, the idea that you could get benefits in a country (other than America) if you were there illegally is just laughable.

Does Nancy Pelosi have something wrong with her arm?  It like waves around funny when she talks.

She is a BILLIONAIRE that is B-B-Billionaire with a b.  I don't think that she comprehends how significant certain amounts of money are to most people.  In her defense (ick!) the amount of tax increases she proposes over and over again are amounts of money that are meaningless to her.  The $2,500 increase per year to year family under Obamacare is probably her weekly shoe budget.

The few thousand a year that each American pays to give medical care, food, a HUD house and an education to illegal aliens doesn't mean anything to her.  She sees that as a small sacrifice to pay for those less fortunate and to give things to these people that they need.

But, unfortunately the math doesn't work.  Poor, middle class families pay the burden of having indigent people in our country.  Poor middle class families pay for people being here illegally.  Those poor families suffer because people come here illegally, use our schools, use our healthcare, collect food stamps and don't pay any taxes.

Remember what happens in France if you are there illegally, you get kicked out.

Here is the worst part.  As Americans struggle first to put food on the table for their children, then they make the ultimate sacrifice when their children go to college, sometimes racking up insurmountable debt.  But, the children of immigrants get to go to school using foreign student aid.

Let's recap.  Our democrat-led government gives: medical care, food, housing, a primary education and, in some cases, a colleges education to immigrants, even if they are here illegally.

Our tax-happy, economy-strangling, job-killing, democratically-led, Obama-Pelosi-Reid government is slamming the middle class with tax after tax.  They are kicking people out of their own homes, they are keeping veterans from national monuments.

And, they blame the Republicans for every bit of it.

Wake up, America!