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Thursday, October 24, 2013

We'll, it's no wonder

kids are such a mess!

Is this how all adults act?  Point fingers and blame each other for everything?  I know that the media is supposed to "objectively report" this stuff (snort.) But, I think that a call for maturity is in order.

CGI is blaming Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius is saying it's not her fault.


Why doesn't one single person in this entire administration take responsibility for anything?

They are all powerful and collect obscenely large, lifetime salaries.  But, not one of them actually knows anything.  Not one of them is in charge of anything.  Why, as the employers of these people, do we stand for that?

Come on.

That is complete incompetence or completely misleading.  It is one or the other, it can't be both.  And, how can they keep getting by with this story line:

I am in charge, I am the one who makes all of the money, my name is on the door, BUT...

I don't know anything, nobody say anything, you can't prove anything.

It's like the whole place is being run by Bart Simpson.  Seriously.

The firm who got paid $394 million of your money actually says that it isn't their fault that the website doesn't work.  Really?  How does this company successfully command multi-million dollar projects?  Where did all of that money go?

And, what are we teaching our children?  We are passing on behavior like this.  We are telling our kids to do whatever they want and when they get caught, blame someone else.

This is our future.

And, through it all, I really get the sense that these people genuinely don't care.  Do you get that sense?  They still have their jobs, they still have health insurance, which is free.  They are still pointing at each other saying that nothing is their fault.  Meanwhile, people who actually needed that health insurance still don't have it.

And they don't seem to care at all.