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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anna Echoo

Echoo is a DEMOCRATIC representative to congress from California.

Why do I mention her?

Because she woke up!

She is finally willing to break the party line and tell the truth.  She is finally pointing and saying, "Hey!  The emperor isn't wearing any clothes."

During congressional hearings about the failed Obamacare website, in response to the repeated defense of contractors that overwhelming traffic cause the website to crash, Echoo objected.

She said that "Amazon doesn't crash the week before Christmas.  800Flowers doesn't crash on Valentines's Day..."

She gets it, the claim that high traffic caused the website to fail is completely ridiculous and she said so.  Applause to you, Rep. Echoo.

Also on board the "wake-up" train: Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live, (previously mentioned) Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno (he may have already been awake), even Steven Colbert.

All of these late night hosts and shows are calling the Obamacare website exactly what it is - a ridiculous failure and a collossal waste of money.

Even every inane talking point that has been parroted by the White House is being (justly) mocked.

During Obama's speech in the rose garden, which was exactly the same as every other speech he has given since 2007, he insisted that, "The product is good."  Come on, the product isn't good if you can't even get it.

The president insists that "the best and the brightest" will be brought in to fix the website.  Please, why didn't we call them in the first place?

The ludicrous idea that heavy traffic caused the website to crash has already been blasted out of the water.

Even the White House press corps is actually asking Jay Carney (the White House press secretary) important questions.  Of course, he still just gives snarky put offs and never actually answers anything.

But, I asked and it has happened.  Someone, quite a few people actually, have woken up.

How about you?