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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's a mess part 3

Before anyone reads this and calls me all sorts of terrible names.  Well, I am a Republican, I have been called worse.

Remember, I don't think that big government helps people, in general.  It is not efficient, it is not close, it does a poor job of managing things from far away.

A group with which I was affiliated for years packs up bags of groceries and gives them to homeless people.  (Some say that we are enabling.)  But, we are also feeding poor people who couldn't otherwise feed themselves.

That is efficient.

If the people are interested in getting off the streets, we help them get jobs and places to live.  We give them clothes, furniture, everything that they need to get started on a new life.

This is effective.

It is just not as effective from the federal government.  "Hey, Jim, what size shirt do you wear?"  Here!

The federal government has to set up an office, buy those cushy chairs (see previous posts) and Jim still doesn't have a shirt and we already have him at an interview.

See what I am saying?

Also, I don't think that the previous system was in need of an extensive overhaul that included a government takeover.  (See my first healthcare post.)

So, having said ALL of that.

It is a real step down for liberals to see that the government can't take all of our money, swoop in and save everyone.

That was the selling point.  The government was going to save the "damsel in distress" that's us.  With all of its big government wisdom, it was going to run in and save the day.

It didn't.

I believe that it fundamentally can't.

I also would encourage everyone who doesn't have healthcare coverage to go see what their state currently offers.  Because, remember, no matter what they say, it is unconstitutional for the federal government to tell the states what to do.