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Monday, October 7, 2013


The first amendment of the U.S Constitution prohibits "the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion..." December 15, 1791

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This amendment has been twisted and distorted beyond recognition.  Back in the day, the Church of England was in charge and they could do all kinds of bad stuff to you.

We left England to escape the tyrannical Church of England (they don't do all that bad stuff anymore, jolly-o, tut-tut).

The "separation of church and state" which is paraded around in the media and championed by the ACLU is never explicitly stated in the constitution.  The "separation of church and state" has been explained this way throughout our history:

"Neither a state nor the federal government can establish a church." Justice Hugo Black, 1947

Of course, the original interpretation is derived from the words of Thomas Jefferson and go something like this, "The government should never influence the church, but the church should always influence the government." I am paraphrasing.

So, why am I ranting about this today?

A school in Jackson, Ohio, very near my beloved redneck stomping grounds (please google the Jackson Apple festival!  I marched in the parade every year and stuffed my face with apple fritters), was sued this year by the ACLU to remove a portrait of Jesus that has hung in the school since 1947.

In addition, the school has had to pay $95,000 in damages to the ACLU and the Wisconsin-based group, "Freedom From Religion."

Christians and Jackson residents, you paid for the ACLU lawsuit and for the damages.

Exasperated sigh.

The lawsuit said that visitors to the school, "will continue to suffer permanent, severe and irreparable harm and injury" from SEEING A PICTURE OF JESUS!!!!!

We need to wake up people and figure out who our real enemies are.  They are people from without who wish to do us harm and will not stop until our way of life is gone and we all subscribe to their version of religion.

Our own government currently is in an all out campaign to attack Christians.

We need to stand strong, stand together and fight back.