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Friday, October 18, 2013


Remember when there was a debate?  Like, people used to talk about things?

Remember that?  Think back.

I wrote a lot about the time period when debate was dying.  I didn't realize, at the time, that debate would end.

There was a period of time, let's say, 2000-2008 when, if you said something to a tolerant, open-minded liberal, (and he or she didn't agree with you) he or she would yell, scream, assault your character and leave the room.

But, hey, at least we had a dialogue going!

Now, led by Obama, debate is a thing of the past.

Liberals don't need to discuss, debate, negotiate or talk about anything.  It is beneath them.

This strategy is working on an unsuspecting public.

It is simple really:
1. Yell loudly so that your opponent can't say anything,
2. If your opponent listens to your argument and then makes salient points destroying your argument, attack your opponent's character,
3.  If your opponent is still standing after those attacks, leave the room, you are better than them anyway.

And, that is exactly what is happening.  Debate, logical discussion, reason and compromise are all thrown out the window.

Reagan said that liberals aren't stupid, it's just that everything they think they know is wrong.  And, that is so true.  If they want money for all of the things that they love, raising taxes isn't the way to do it.  It's the opposite.

The Obamacare rollout has been a complete disaster.  Everyone knows it.  Getting the website right wasn't even something that anyone would have expected to go wrong.  But, it did.  It went terribly wrong.  Even Jon Stewart knew it.  Kathleen Sebelius, Jack Lew and Obama had no clue how many people had signed up.  You can't pull one like that over on a tech savvy, young population, guys!  You should have had the number and you know it.

Now, we are finding out that the sign-ups are a mess.  People did it wrong, it cost millions of dollars to do it the first time and now it is going to take millions more to fix it.

Businesses have to take time away from making things, inventing, producing.  They have to spend lots of money, money that they don't have, all to comply with and pay for this healthcare law.

Can't you see how that destroys an economy?  Because while everyone is shouting, "Healthcare for everyone!" Our entire system is crumbling.

So, Kathleen, Jack, Barack, walk out of the room, don't say anything.