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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have figured a way out of all this mess!

I am going to become Amish.

My dog and I were strolling through my neighborhood and I was looking at all of those signs for all of those tax levies.  (Please see my previous post, Local Taxes.)

And, I was thinking, "What am I going to do?!?"  The dog didn't have any ideas.  Then, I saw an Amish guy working on a roof and I figured out the solution:

I will become Amish!

Ok, I will be limited in my fashion options, but I won't ever have to do my hair again and that elastic waistband - I love those things.

Plus, think of all the benefits - the Amish don't pay any taxes.

Our property taxes are going through the roof - if I was Amish, I wouldn't have to pay property taxes.

Our sales taxes just went up again, if I was Amish, no sales taxes.

My city charges local income taxes that are outrageous.  (The hood, remember.). Even if you work in another city, well you practically have to since there are no businesses here due to outrageous taxation, and you pay taxes in the city in which you work, you STILL HAVE TO PAY INCOME TAXES TO THIS CITY.

I think there is a name for that - double taxation.

But, if I was Amish, I could make as much money as I want and I wouldn't have to pay income taxes.

And, I haven't even gotten to the cheese yet.  Think of all that fresh, delicious cheese.  And, I won't have to stop on the highway to get it or pay those high prices.  Also, I would have beautiful, hand-crafted, high-quality furniture in every room.


That's it, I am going to become Amish.