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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's a mess, people!

I have been busy and haven't kept up with much lately.  So, I haven't watched too much news in the past three days.

However, during that short period of time, I saw:

Kathleen Sebelius, the head of Health and Human Services,
Jack Lew, the secretary of the Treasury and,
Obama, well you know him,

All say that they have no idea how many people have signed up for Obamacare.



You don't know how many people have signed up?

If they wanted, they could find out exactly how many people have signed up.

Is it because, maybe, the number of people who have signed up is so low that it is embarrassing?  Maybe this massive healthcare law wasn't necessary after all.  Maybe the healthcare system was working just fine.  See my September 23 post "healthcare."

I understand that the website is a mess.  People can't log on, they can't sign up.  I am sure that is prohibiting people from signing up.  But, no worries, Kathleen says that if you can't sign up, you can just pay the fine at the end of the year. (Look it up, she said that on the Jon Stewart show.)

Thanks, Kathleen!

I am sure that young, healthy people will be lining up around the block to either:
1. Pay extra for insurance they don't need OR
2. Pay a fine for something that they don't want.

Because, remember, for this whole thing to work, young and healthy people have to sign up and agree to pay far more than they used to for insurance.  Their higher premiums will pay for older, sicker people.

This is socialism, the rich get poorer, but the poor get poorer, too.  Nothing is free, people.

Obama completely blew off the glitches saying that if Apple issued a new phone, there would be glitches and the glitches would get fixed.

Yeah, that's true, but Apple would also know the exact number of iPhones that have been sold and they would fix the glitches.  The Obamacare problems haven't been fixed.

I am just sayin'.

I think it is very odd that this wonderful healthcare law that everybody wants is finally here and the website is a mess and no one knows how many people have signed up.

Don't you?